Test Benches

The eneida 2VTB.3000PSI.120L-r.0 is a SKID Test Unit for testing & setting all sorts of PSVs (Pressure Safety Valves) or PRVs (Pressure Relief Valves) with or without pilot operation in the range ½” – 12”.
It allows maintenance companies to test valves with water or air in the full range of pressure (207 Bar / 3000 psi) for all sizes of valves.
It’s engineering design includes an inlet of 2” pipe in order to assure the necessary flow to reach the complete pop-up.
It’s engineering design accomplish with the PED Directive 97/23/CE.
It includes a High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter with an interface to connect to a laptop (USB port).
The test unit is available with the EWS Valve Monitoring that reports automatically the test results with the possibility to have a .pdf file or xls file.


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