Control Valves Predictive Maintenance







Eneida Valve Qualified Engineers

  • Team ready to intervent multibrand valves;
  • 24h Service;
  • Urgent Calls Service;
  • Services: installation, maintenance, instrumentation, control, spare-parts;
  • Service Competences + Valve Monitoring Software = “ValveTake Care Solution”.


Eneida the link between Industrial Plants and Valve producer!

  • Assure the implementation and operation of a monitor, analysis and reporting infrastructure;
  • Customize communications monitoring network and link it to Valve Monitoring Software;
  • Support customer maintenance teams to focus on essential and improve customer resources efficiency;
  • Monitor tendencies and promote condition predictive maintenance activities;
  • Provide diagnose tools, spare parts and specialized technicians;
  • Capacity to mobilize in 48h an equivalent valve or provide valve renting services .
    “Don’t worry, we take care of your valve, we know your focus is production!”


  • Provides centralization of expert engineers;
  • Offers advanced diagnostics for improved process availability;
  • Reduces process variability;
  • Provides predictive maintenance to increase maintenance productivity;
  • Reduces equipment cost of ownership;
  • Saves costly and time-consuming travel;
  • Minimizes the risk of plant shutdowns;
  • Takes the stress and concerns of plant maintenance.